UPPABaby Cruz v2: Best in Class Midsized Stroller

The Cruz is arguably my favorite stroller I’ve ever reviewed, and I’ve covered a lot on this channel. People often ask, “how does this compare to Silver Cross or Mockingbird or Peg Perego?” The list goes on. In most cases I would take the Cruz over any other. In fact, in our FatherFigured course, this is a top five recommendation in our in-depth stroller breakdown.

Looking at the frame of the Cruz v2, it looks very different from the original model. It now feels like a slim down version of the Vista v2.

Seat Improvements

With the Cruz v2, we get a longer leg rest and seat back for more longevity. Like before it is reversible for forward or rear facing usage and, in comparison to other seats on the market, UPPAbaby is on the larger side, which is great. Similar to what we see with Silver Cross, it can carry littles up to 50 pounds. Most cases kids up through age three or four are gonna be able to ride in it comfortably before aging out.

The stroller and seat weigh in at about 25 pounds, which is two pounds lighter than the Vista v2, but four pounds heavier than the original Cruz. However, you’re getting a lot more versatility here. It still feels like a light midsize option with a compact design in comparison to others that I’ve tested. Lifting it into your trunk is not a problem at all and it feels way easier than a full size stroller.

The Canopy

If you saw my review of the Vista v2, I LOVE the canopy, which is the same on the Cruz. This design is kind of becoming industry standard by unzipping and expanding one extra panel for extended coverage, which is a switch away from the UV protection flap of the prior model. The canopy is also height adjustable to accommodate littles of varying ages.

Wheels and Suspension (Vroom Vroom!)

At the bottom we’ve got big improvements to the wheels as they are larger at the front and back compared to the first version. They’ve also added suspension from the support strut that you see here. These two improvements make the Cruz arguably the best in class for terrain capability, giving an easy push over cobblestone, gravel, and grass compared to other midsize strollers.

It’s not uncommon to see some wobble at the front wheels as the axle wears over time, but with a recent redesign for the Cruz v2, that’s no longer an issue.

What’s on the Inside?

All the internal mechanics that make the brake, the fold, and the handlebar adjustments function are all wire based systems that are pretty small and intricate. But what you get with a brand like UPPAbaby is a pedigree of quality and durability, so these things don’t break down on you over time.

The UPPAbaby Ecosystem

You’re buying into an ecosystem rather than just a one off product. For example, if you plan on traveling, you can get their travel bag and register your products. If any damage is incurred in transit, it’ll be covered with their travel safe guarantee program.

This is something that you’re not gonna find very often beyond common warranties. Now, that’s an add-on, but it is something that I would definitely recommend and something that I have used in the past.

Now, other add-ons to checkout: their snack tray is a great thing to swap out the handlebar with.

And then a personal favorite of mine is the piggyback attachment, which opens up that double expansion capability.

Do I really need a double like the Vista, or can I just stick with the Cruz?

It’s kind of difficult because we thought that we needed the Vista for double expansion without a shadow of a doubt. We knew that we were planning multiple kids down the line and that this would be a great choice. And it was great. We enjoyed it. But in retrospect, a single is probably all we really needed because as our littles got older, they didn’t really use the stroller as much as I thought that they would. If anything, they were on the piggyback attachment way more than sitting in their actual seats.

For that reason, if I were to do this all over again, I think I would’ve actually picked something like the Cruz, as a double wasn’t as essential as I thought it would be. The convenience of a lighter weight, slimmer body stroller is it fit our lifestyle way more.

Cruz or Mockingbird?

Which is the better stroller?

Listen, I’m a brand ambassador and advocate for Mockingbird. I love the brand and I’ve reviewed it on this channel plenty. I’ve used it for years. But if you’re asking me which is the better stroller, technically speaking, UPPAbaby has a leg up regarding overall quality and design. I wouldn’t say the margin’s massive, but the Cruz is best in class. So to answer the question that I get a lot, if money wasn’t a factor, which would you get? I would get the Cruz.

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