Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Men Actually Want

In today’s economy, you want to make sure that a gifts won’t just be a waste of money. It needs to be something the recipient will actually use and enjoy. Sure, the thought counts – but it counts more if the gift adds legitimate value to his life and generally doesn’t suck.

Ideas Under $100

Anything by Legends. This is my absolute favorite athleisure brand to wear casually and workout in. The fit, quality and comfort from their clothes are unbelievable. I’d suggest the Hawthorne hoodies which run for $85 or their Luka shorts which are also crazy popular for $65. (I have the 7″ linerless Luka shorts. Primo pickup.)

Personal Care Basket. Consider throwing together a variety of useful personal care items that he may not think to get for himself otherwise. I personally like gifts that have more of a shotgun approach of several small things rather than one big thing, so if my wife put this together, I’d definitely use it. Here are some solid picks to include:

Deodorant from Bravo Sierra
Skincare kit from Geologie
Shower essentials from Public Goods (or really any brand he likes i.e. Dove Men, etc.)
Manscaped Weed Whacker
Stance Socks

Father Figured. For the expectant dad, you should buy him our Father Figured course which is a pregnancy prep course designed to arm him with everything that he needs to know leading up to life as a new dad without having to read baby books. Use the code FATHERSDAY22 for 30% off the course.

UE Wonderboom 2 or JBL Clip 4. Grabbing him a solid Bluetooth speaker is never a bad idea. I’ve been a longtime fan of the Wonderboom but the JBL Clip 4 is an awesome outdoor on-the-go speaker with a built in carabiner to clip onto bags, wagons or even your pants. Like the Wonderboom, it’s water, sand and dust proof. Either of these are fun pickups and could get great use especially for outdoorsy guys.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer. An air fryer opens up an insane amount of possibilities in the kitchen for healthy eating while making life so easy. I feel like it’s a lame recommendation but I got mine for Christmas two years ago and it’s probably been the most used gift I’ve ever gotten. We’ve literally brought it along on road trips and use it almost daily not just for myself, but for the kids as well. Probably the most practical suggestion in this entire list.

Eckster Wallets. These are meant to slim down your wallet and deliver a nice, clean aesthetic. It uniquely fans up your cards for easy access, blocks RFID skimming and can accommodate up to 12 cards. This isn’t your old man’s wallet. This is a sleek, modern design that can minimize bulk and they’ve got smart options for you to check out as well.

Ideas Between $100 – $500

Ooni Koda 12. Let’s talk about pizza. In particular, the Ooni Koda 12 which delivers stone-baked 12” pizzas in about a minute. It retails for about $399 and it’s incredibly fun to have in any outdoor space. The pizzas are delicious and it’s a meal that you can’t really replicate in an oven. It has that unique char on the crust that I’ve only ever gotten at a restaurant, so being able to bring that home is such a fun and unique thing.

ButcherBox. This is a subscription that delivers grass-fed beef, organic chicken, pork, and seafood directly to your home. It’s somewhere in the range of $150/month, it’s pretty high quality stuff but it can feel like a lot of meat sometimes. If it’s something you want to continue, you might want to do it every other month instead. Still, this could be a great gift to get the ball rolling on the subscription. And bonus, if you like him cooking this stuff, it’s kind of a gift for you too because you get to reap the benefits of some delicious dinners.

Bose Sport Earbuds. These are easily the best ear buds I’ve ever bought. I use these for lifting, running, mowing the lawn, etc. and they’ve been fantastic. I’ve had pairing issues with other brands of bluetooth headphones including my Airpods, but these have been flawless. The sound quality is great and they’re made to fit snugly in your ear so that they won’t fall out during vigorous activity. There is also a touch interface built-in so you don’t even have to toggle songs with your phone – you can just tap on the earbuds. 

Thergun Mini or Hypervolt. Keeping With the fitness trend, you can check out a massage gun like Theragun or the one that I have which is the Hyperice Hypervolt. These are percussion massagers made to relieve tension and stiffness, get some relief on any muscle group and aid in warm up and recovery. I need to be better about using it more in my daily routine because whenever I do use these, I definitely feel way looser.

Solo Stove. It is dubbed the fire pit of the future. This can turn any outdoor space into a cozy spot to chill with the family during beautiful evenings. I turned my brother-in-law onto this and it completely stepped up their backyard patio. It’s cool to note that it’s a smokeless fire pit so you get those fireside vibes without the bonfire smells. I absolutely love Solo Stove and I think a lot of other guys out there will too.

Tundra Hard Cooler by Yeti. Now, I personally don’t have one yet, but these things are all around my neighborhood and they’re amazing. Whether it’s for soccer games, camping, going to the lake with friends, pool days with the family, church barbecues…families can get good use out of these and dad would be pretty stoked to get one. They have a variety of sizes to consider such as the 35, 45, 65 or Haul edition which comes with wheels.

Ideas $500+

I don’t expect you to wander into this tier because if you do have this money set aside you probably already have an idea of what to spend it on, but just for fun we’ll get into three quick suggestions.

Secret Lab Titan Evo. It’s kind of hard to shop for a guy who enjoys niche games that you may not fully understand, but you can literally support him by getting him a legit gaming chair. While you can go down a deep rabbit hole here, and find great options under $500, I’d point you toward the Secret Lab Titan Evo which is among the top pick ups for a lot of gamers. It delivers one of the highest levels of comfort out there and really checks off all the boxes that you’d be looking for. This would be very well received.

Hydrow. Now maybe you don’t want to encourage more time in front of a PC. Going in the polar opposite direction is going to be fitness tech. Father’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays are worthy reasons to splurge on big tech like Peloton, Tonal, and Mirror. If I were to make one big recommendation, I’d suggest Hydrow which continues to be my favorite way to get a full body workout. And I do have to add, this doesn’t just have to be a gift for him, it’s definitely something you can have fun with too. Big pricetag here for sure, but you can get some big results too.

A Smoker. You can’t go wrong with a smoker. Traeger is going to be your tried and true wood pellet grill. Camp Chef also has great options if you want more space but not looking to push over $1000. But if my wife surprised me with a friggin Traeger to smoke meats all summer long, I would lose my mind.

So that’s my list. Happy Father’s Day!

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